Under-Floor Heating

Underfloor heating offers an effective and efficient heating medium that is out of sight and makes no demands on wall space. It works effectively turning the entire floor area into a radiator, via warm- water pipes or electric mats concealed within the floor structure. The resulting gentle heat rises steadily upwards. No cold spots or droughts that make a very comfortable environment.

Underfloor heating is compatible with homes (new or old), possibly as a retrofit or central heating modernization project.  It can be installed in any type of floor structure as there are a lot of configurations available.

The best setup is where the pipes are embedded within a concrete screed, which are excellent conductors of heat, offering a high thermal mass and efficient heat transfer.

Pipes can also be installed beneath suspended timber floors, often on plates or insulation sittings across the joists. It will not work at optimum efficiency with wooden flooring or carpet if you compare to stone or ceramic tile flooring, but will be more efficient and effective than radiators and will do a good job.

Underfloor heating is a perfect partner to a heat pump, which is effective at producing the low temperature heat range and is much more running cost effective than a gas boiler.

If you find this interesting or are considering underfloor heating, please call us to discuss available options for your home.